Love Stalk 愛‧打卡 now available on DVD and streaming

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Love Stalk 愛‧打卡, a romantic thriller from Hong Kong now available on DVD and Digital.

A lonely expat from Singapore, searches for love in Hong Kong. Her life of the party friend tries to help, but still her attempts at finding romance are a disaster. That is until one day when a handsome, but mysterious enters her life both in person and online. Believing it’s serendipity at last, she innocently stalks after her crush, but soon she realizes that sometimes even an innocent search for romance goes terribly wrong.

Ronan Pak 白健恩 (“The Gigolo” and “Lan Kwai Fong 3”)
Angie P. 小帕 (“Hong Kong Rebels”)
Dada Lo 盧頌之 (“Kick Ass Girls” and “S is for Sex, S is for Secret”)
Ines Laimins (“Dream on This Side of the Sea” and “Scars of Nanjing”
Jae Leung (“Faeryville”)

Kellyjackie Chan
Michael Chan (“Capture” and “Strangers 6”)
Rex Kwok
Edward Chui (“Triad” and “Wild City”)
Kelvin Wong

Directed by Joe Fiorello
Produced by Sophia Shek and Angie P.
Written by Joe Fiorello, Thera Lee, Sinlam Ng, Jae Leung, and Angie P.
Cinematography by Mike Lau
Musical score by Mark Wong
Songs by Kellyjackie Chan and Candy Lo Han Ying
Trailer Animation by Mat Blaize (

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