Career girl in Hong Kong pursues her dream guy online and in person only to find out the dangers of stalking a secret crush. 


SHARON is a social-media-addicted public relations executive from Singapore, having a hard time balancing career and the search for love in Hong Kong’s singles scene. Even with all the dating advice she gets from her friend JOAN (a sassy, life-of-the-party, local girl), Sharon’s love life is still a disaster.

One day Sharon bumps into a gentlemanly and mysterious stranger named RYAN on the street, then again in a restaurant during lunch rush, and even in one of her dating apps. Unable to get Ryan out of her mind and feeling serendipity is at play, Sharon finds his social media profile and chases him in person through his status check-ins around town. Meanwhile Joan grows suspicious of Ryan and tries to warn Sharon about the dangers of stalking an online crush. Despite this, Sharon continues to get closer to Ryan and eventually making what seems to be a genuine connection.

But just as Sharon feels she may have finally found “Mister Right”, Ryan becomes impossible to find and his social media behavior becomes erratic. With a string of murders making front-page news across the city and Ryan suddenly showing up uninvited to her work functions, Sharon starts to wonder who really is stalking whom?