Director’s Statement


joe-6754Being an Italian-American from New York, a lot of people ask me why I insisted on making Love Stalk a Cantonese language film with a mostly Asian cast. My answer is always simple… because this is Hong Kong. I grew up watching movies from this town and it’s been a big part of what inspired both my style and even why I wanted to become a filmmaker in the first place. Being able to make a feature film in Hong Kong is a dream come true and I wanted to make film that could be equally enjoyed by local and international audiences.

The whole cast and crew came together with an ambitious goal: to make an independent film with a message and a commercially viable story with slick production values, despite the limited budget. I think that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished and I really have to give credit to the amazing group of people that came together to collaborate with me on this little adventure. I really hope that this film can show the world what can be accomplished with a bit of crowdfunding and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears in one of the most cinematic cities in the world.